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Kay Sorin

Event Production

I really can’t speak any higher of anyone I’ve worked with than Kay. She is an exceptional people manager, with a strong, highly-informed, and considered strategic vision as well as a drive for all the work that she puts herself into.

Matt Yeager, YouTube

Empathy, honesty, and confidence are skills Kay displays day in and day out, making her an invaluable manager and member of our team. Her strong and focused work ethic makes her a natural leader who is always thinking two steps ahead.

Nathan Lemburg, FIRST

I had the pleasure of working with Kay to reach Google’s top advertisers during our biggest tentpole moment: Brandcast. Kay anticipated our B2B team’s unique needs and optimized teams, spaces, and resources to deliver accordingly.

Kylie Rogers, YouTube

Client Testimonials

Over the past ten years, I've produced events and content for some of the world's most popular brands, including YouTube, Johnson & Johnson, and Nike. From happy hours and book launches to concerts and thought leadership talks, I've created memorable moments and exciting activations.

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